Hello and welcome to the Harris Family Christian Foundation web site. This foundation was sparked from an ember of awe and gratitude that God placed in my heart after He miraculously saved my five year old daughter from the dibiltating effects of bacterial menigitis in the fall of 2003.

In response to His mercy, I took a mission trip to Mexico with a friend and pastor, Steve Quinn. While in southern Mexico, away from the hustle and bustle of my life as an American lawyer--- God fanned that ember into a flame and guided me to start the Harris Family Christian Foundation.

My wife Angela and I enlisted the help of good friends who share the same passion and desire to not just tell others, but to "Show" others the love of Jesus Christ through charitable acts in His name, and the Foundation Board came together.

Please browse the site to learn more about the Harris Family Christian Foundation and how you can join us in sharing the love of Jesus Christ locally and abroad.

Kurt Harris